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OUT NOW! 'Khazana' Mukhtar Sahota & Harbhajan Shera via iTunes

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Internalmusic is a Record Label and a Production House for Music, PR, Project Management and, a platform for established, new, and up-coming talent.  We are carefully selecting artists to meet our criteria in keeping with, 塬ity not quantity࡮d undertaking full control of recording, artist profile, and music videos.

Music Production

The in-house production is by Mukhtar Sahota, who has 19 years of experience in the Music Industry and has worked alongside array of artists and musicians from different genres of music, from around the world.  He is very well known for his innovative approach to music production where quality and high standards are the key elements in making of a good product.  His creativity and enthusiasm for fusion of new sounds is the driving force behind his song writing.    


Internalmusic PR has a mission to provide top quality and effective marketing for the product and the artist.  Quality editorial coverage in the press or the broadcasting media is the key to successful PR.  We are frequently in contact with National, International and local TV, Radio, Newspapers, and consumer Magazines.  We pro-actively seek every opportunity for coverage and maintain close relationships with editors and journalists.





Mukhtar Sahota feat. Harbhajan Shera


"After the release and success of the albums ἳup>st Century Jugni࡮d edictable⹠嫨tar Sahota,  rnalmusicಥsents 衺ana? album with a combination of the unique Music Production style from Mukhtar Sahota and vocals by Harbhajan Shera.


Harbhajan Shera, from Chandigarh, India, started singing at the age of 10.  Having trained in Classical and Semi Classical singing, Harbhajan has a versatile vocal which has been captured in this album covering a range of musical genres, from pop/dance tracks to more emotional and momentous tracks, including Bhangra, Arabic, Reggae, and RnB.


The album consists of 10 tracks and has been Produced, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mukhtar Sahota at his studios in the UK.ﳰan>

  衺ana鳠an opulence of a musical experience, an album to be treasured?


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